JDownloader Ubuntu 11.04 with OpenJDK7

(Open)JDK7 is released, after 5 years of (hard?) work.

There is a unofficial OpenJDK7 PPA for Ubuntu 11.04, Ubuntu 11.10 will include it by default.

There is a small problem with our favourite download tool: JDownloader. Starting it with openjdk7 ends with an error. Launchpad-Bug #814306.

Simple workaround, enter the following in a Terminal:

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/nss/libsoftokn3.so /usr/lib/libsoftokn3.so

Painting speed of java has really much improved with version 7 – hopefully the linux intergration (like open file etc.) will improve with java 8.

Have a lot of fun with Java7 and JDownloader 🙂

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